"Needing a better night's sleep? Well, science has some interesting answers, with multiple studies showing lavender oil - an affordable aromatherapy oil - improves sleep quality, reduces anxiety and helps to lower blood pressure."

Lavender, Sleep and the Science

Lavender is an affordable aromatherapy oil. This essential oil can be found easily in the supermarket or online. Buy the real thing, and try it in a bath, shower, in massage oil or wafted over candle heat in a burner – or plugged into an electric oil burner. Where will it take you? Well, science has some interesting answers, if you are at home now.

Better Sleep for Students

Lavender and sleep hygiene together improved sleep quality in a study of college/university students, over a five-night test. Sleep hygiene involves a regular sleep schedule, controlled naps, not exercising too close to bedtime, limiting worry, getting out of bed if sleep does not come, not using bed for anything but sleep and sex, avoiding alcohol and caffeine before bed, and so on.

The student study of the oil, helped trigger a trend in lavender research. So if you burn the oil, or bathe in it/shower in it, massage it in – or wear a patch on your chest (which the students did) – how are your chances? Read more here

What the Nurses Say

Nurses said their sleep improved and anxiety was helped by lavender oil. Read more here

The Midnight to 4.00am Effects of Lavender

Blood pressure was significantly lower between midnight and 4 am in the lavender oil treatment group, in this study in a care unit. Read more here

What They Found in Japan

Results showed that lavender aroma improved sleepiness for a Japanese test group. Read more here

Sleep Quality in Patients

Massage and aromatherapy massage can improve the sleep quality, even in cardiac patients. Read more here

The Elderly and Lavender Essential Oil

Aromatherapy with lavender essence can have a positive effect on improving sleep quality and other aspects related to sleep in elderly people, according to this study. Read more here

Mothers and Babies

Another study found lavender increased the relaxation of the mothers and their infants. Read more here

Lavender, the Mild Sedative

Lavender served as a mild sedative helped in promoting deep sleep in young men and women in this study. Read more here

Lavender and Sleep Apnoea

Finally, the inhalation of lavender oil reduced the stress levels of people with sleep apnoea (problem snoring) in this study – and helped to maintain a regular sleep cycle. Read more here

Over to You

Has lavender essential oil in your bath, shower, in massage, on the burner in your bedroom (or with any other method) definitely helped your relaxation or sleep? Let us know @HolidayGoddess.

Hands holding lavender flowers
Lavender is famous for it's relaxing scent. Photo by Vero Manrique on Unsplash
Bottle of lavender oil
Lavender oil may improve your sleep quality. Photo by by Clayton Robbins on Unsplash

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Image 1: Lavender in Hands by Vero Photoart, Unsplash

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