"In a time of pandemic, we are all falling back on our survival skills at times. Our dreams are reflecting that, and pandemic dreaming is not the same as you may remember. Worldwide expert, author and household name in dreaming, Jane Teresa Anderson, has some advice in this concise podcast for you."

Your Pandemic Dreams With Jane Teresa Anderson

At a time when we are in survival mode, our dreams reflect that. Expert Jane Teresa Anderson talks about how to interpret what you dream – and how to use it, to make progress in your life. Based in Australia, Jane Teresa is a regular guest on ABC Radio and has appeared on The Today Show (Nine), Sunrise (Seven) and in Stella in The Daily Telegraph as well as the Huffington Post, Stylist, the Sydney Morning Herald and Glamour, just to name a few.

About Jane Teresa Anderson

She is the author of seven books on dreams and dreaming. Her podcast series, The Dream Show with Jane Teresa Anderson, invites you to appear as a guest, so she can analyse your dreams – and share dream interpretation tips and insights. 

You can also learn at The Dream Academy from this scientist turned dream coach and guide. With an Honours degree in Zoology specialising in neurophysiology from the University of Glasgow, Jane Teresa has pioneered a new approach to dreams as therapy – or healing.

How To Interpret Your Dreams – the $99 Home Course

Instant lifetime access.  Go at your own pace. Why not? Personal therapy sessions can cost well over $2000 but this is a good way to begin to learn more about yourself and your night-time experiences.

Listen Now – Your Pandemic Dreams

Republished with permission.


All images: Copyright Jane Teresa Anderson 

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Jane Teresa Anderson photograph by Christina Nielsen
Jane Teresa Anderson photograph by Christina Nielsen
How to Interpret Your Dreams Online Course with Jane Teresa Anderson
How to Interpret Your Dreams Online Course with Jane Teresa Anderson




The Dream Show



The Dream Show