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Karen Kingston’s Fast Clutter Clearing

"Learn how to streamline & simplify your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, junk room (in fact any space where there is clutter) & in the process change your life."

If you enter Karen Kingston’s special draw (see below) before 12 noon GMT on September 14 2021,  you can win an affordable pass (which is a fraction of the usual price – around the cost of lunch) to her Fast Track Clutter Clearing online course in October 2021.

The course, which runs from October 5th to 25th, is her most popular offering. It will help you streamline and simplify your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, junk room (in fact any space where there is clutter) and change your life. Go here for the prize draw for the low-cost pass:

Win a £10 ticket for my next Fast Track Clutter Clearing online course


Clutter Clearing With Karen

Long before Marie Kondo and Spark Joy, there was Karen Kingston and over 10,000 people have studied clutter clearing with her.  Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui has sold over 2 million copies in 26 languages. Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui has sold over 1 million copies in 16 languages.

Karen’s website has some impressive before-and-after photographs from those who’ve taken the course. A junk room becomes a space for massage, for example, and a guest bedroom. Her website is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants inspiration and proof that both clutter clearing and Feng Shui (the Kingston way) can work. See the examples below:


Testimonials from Karen’s course attendees:

I started to savour the quietness at home. No radio, no TV, only me and my thoughts. I am not afraid of thinking about my life anymore. I crossed borders in my brain that I created years ago for protection and no beast was waiting for me, only fading remembrances. – Austrian participant

Thank you, Karen, for your straightforward, down-to-earth advice and your understanding of the feelings that come up when clearing clutter. I found this course more powerful than attending your weekend course in person – so good to have it spread over 3 weeks, being at home with the clutter, working on it, being with the feelings and at the same time having the support of you and the group. – British participant

I have never felt anything other than dread and hopelessness when I had tried to clutter clear in the past. Now, I wake up each morning excited and ready to tackle the next spot. – American participant

Through all the courses I‘ve taken with Karen, I was struggling with being stuck in my relationship for various reasons, and we couldn‘t move forward. Since I started to get things done on various levels, I am happy to report that — after ten years and two children together — my partner proposed to me on Valentine‘s Day. And it all started with the Fast-Track Clutter Clearing course! – German participant

I have taken time off from going to the gym during the three weeks of the Fast-Track Clutter Clearing online course and have still lost about 5 pounds. I was very surprised when I stood on the scale. I didn’t expect it at all. At the gym I run 3 miles 3 times a week and hadn’t been able to bring down my weight. – American participant

Other Karen Kingston Courses: 

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  • Clear Your Paper & Digital Clutter
  • Declutter Your Clothes
  • Living Clutter-Free
  • Creating Conscious Space



Main image by Toa Heftiba, Unsplash

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Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui by Karen Kingston



Karen Kingston’s Fast Track Clutter Clearing Online


Valid from: October 5, 2021
Until: October 25, 2021


Karen Kingston’s Fast Track Clutter Clearing Online