"If you are learning to ride a bicycle as an adult, even if you rode as a child, there are some great new teachers, videos and ideas you can pick up for your holiday at home. Tip - Try giving your new bike a name."

Can you learn to ride a bike again as an adult? How about an e-bike? You can start here, with Cycle Training, which is a British website with good advice for any woman starting again (or learning for the first time) anywhere in the world.

Leaner, Fitter and Happier

Madeleine Howell is just one convert: “As well as being a low-carbon footprint mode of transport, there are obvious health benefits gained courtesy of a twice-daily hit of cardiovascular exercise outdoors. Cyclists tend to be leaner, fitter and happier: a survey by Cycleplan found that 75pc of cyclists noticed an improvement in their mental health after getting on the saddle.”

Meghan Moravcik Walbert is another woman who has been persuaded to get back in the saddle.

“Until a few weeks ago, I basically hadn’t ridden a bike since I was a teenager. But it is—as they say!—like … riding a bicycle. Not that it’s easy to learn, per se, but once you know how, you never forget. And after so much time stuck in the house, save for a few walks around the block and short drives to the grocery store, it feels like absolute freedom. So if you’re finally ready to learn, now is the time. You can do this!”

woman holding gray bicycle

Finding Out Your Bicycle’s Name

Wyoming Paul found it harder to learn cycling as an adult than she expected. (Image, above: Bluebel).

“For hours, I couldn’t get my second foot on the pedal. “One TWO,” my boyfriend repeated patiently. “You need to lift your left foot and get it on the pedal.” But my left foot wanted to remain securely on the ground. I tried various mental techniques: At one point, I decided that the key to learning was all about discovering the bike’s true name. I would pat the handlebar and then test a name, “Perhaps you’re a Sandy,” as I pushed off. Depending on the bike’s performance, it was a sign of whether I was on the right track.” (She succeeded).

The Bike Whisperer – Finding the Right Teacher

Jessie Heyman discovered the secret is in the teacher. She used Google to find a tutor she nicknamed The Bike Whisperer

woman in red and green dress standing on road bike during daytime

The Best YouTube Advice

This picture by Johannes Mouchet (above) says it all. You really can cycle in a maxi, if you set your mind to it. To give you a head’s start, here are two of the best cycling advice clips on YouTube for women of a certain age. In fact, the Cycling UK feature has bee viewed 1.7 million times.

Cycling UK

This is a good, no-nonsense guide for adult beginners – or adults who have forgotten how. You can subscribe here

The Wall Street Journal

Most people learn to ride a bike as a child, but if you were left behind, these classes can fill in the gaps. Visit The Wall Street Journal on YouTube here 


Main image: Jandro Martinez (Unsplash).
All other credited photographs: Unsplash

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Woman biking in London by @Blubel at Unsplash
Woman biking in London by @Blubel at Unsplash


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