The Best Bar in NYC Cocktail Recipes

Dante NYCThe Best Bar in NYC Cocktail Recipes Dante, voted the best bar in the world in the prestigious ‘The World’s 50 Best Bars’ Awards (as well as the best bar in New York City) is famous for its Negroni.

Karen Kingston’s Fast Clutter Clearing

woman sitting on white couch near windowIf you enter Karen Kingston’s special draw (see below) before 12 noon GMT on September 14 2021,  you can win an affordable pass (which is a fraction of the usual price – around the cost of lunch) to her Fast Track Clutter Clearing online course in October 2021.

Chakra Humming for Healing

golden hour photography of woman in red and white checkered dress shirtEach chakra rules a different part of our body, mind or spirit – from the top of your head, to the base of your spine.

I, Claudius and Rome at Home

Aerial photo of Rome taken from the top of the VaticanIf you are indoors now, and Rome seems so far away, you may want to spend the week in the company of I, Claudius instead.

Free Hypnosis With Dr. Paul McKenna

Dr. Paul McKenna is the world’s most popular hypnotherapist. The Times called him “One of the world’s most important modern self-help gurus” and he is Britain’s most successful non-fiction author.

I Will Survive, And So Will You.

Doomsday Preppers are feeling righteous now. And, well, rightfully so. They shopped and assessed and quietly squirreled away their acorns while we laughed at their paranoia.