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Ruby Wax Announces Mindfulness Course

"You'll get Ruby Wax as your very own personal trainer for you mind, helping you to learn how to exercise it the right way, every day!"

Ruby Wax OBE has announced she’s created a six-week mindfulness course, spread over six episodes, with an early-bird discount for those who register in September 2021: Mindfulness Guide for Survival

“Think of me as your personal trainer as you work through my book” she suggests. Her course has been created to help us as we deal with the pandemic and readers who have found their depression or anxiety more challenging in 2021 are encouraged to use her most recent book (interactively) as well as The Frazzled Cafe and this bespoke series of online sessions, to tackle issues.

From Joan Collins to Mindfulness Guru

Ruby Wax pioneered the probing celebrity interview when she departed acting for journalism (seen here with Joan Collins). She then used her own mental health issues to move into the study of mindfulness.


From Madonna to Mental Health

Apart from interviewing Joan Collins, Ruby is also famous for getting the unvarnished truth from everyone from Madonna  to Donald Trump.

Ruby transformed her career as the muse of Absolutely Fabulous after this, to become a global expert on mental health and bestselling author, ahead of a developing role as teacher and coach.

Joanna Lumley, Neil Gaiman, Russell Brand

“A handbook for everyone alive” is how Joanna Lumley reviewed Ruby’s previous book, How To Be Human, written with a neuroscientist and monk. Neil Gaiman added, “Utterly readable and surprisingly wise.” Russell Brand commented, ‘All other books will become defunct.”






The Course – Mindfulness for Survival

Becoming aware of the script you read yourself, inside your head, is part of what Mindfulness is all about. Based on Ruby’s own study and her collaboration with experts, the book and course are designed to change old thinking habits which increase depression and anxiety. Mindfulness is about conscious calm. Happiness.

A Mindfulness Guide for Survival

From the Preface, by Ruby Wax:

“Dear Reader,

I have written this workbook for you to use as a guide on how to drop anchor when life, and the world around you, gets too daunting. It’s filled with exercises and information for when you’re suddenly forced to confront the hard truths or as I like to call them the BIG SIX realities – difficult emotions, uncertainty, loneliness, change, dissatisfaction and death.

It isn’t just about how to get through a pandemic… Or the post-pandemic fall-out. It is a WAKE UP call. One that will increase your awareness of every moment through mindfulness.

So SCRIBBLE in it. DOODLE in it. Take it EVERYWHERE. No one is going to see what’s inside but you. This is not just another self-help book. Think of it as an evolve-yourself book.

I do hope it helps you hold the rudder straight, no matter how turbulent the waves, and that you come out the other end buoyant, with a new appreciation for the privilege of life.

Love RUBY x”


Ruby Wax on Twitter

Ruby Wax’s Frazzled Cafe on Twitter

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Ruby Wax A Mindfulness Guide Workbook


A six-week mindfulness course with Ruby Wax OBE, spread over six episodes. The course is designed to change old thinking habits, taking you to a calmer and happier place.


Mindfulness for Survival



Mindfulness for Survival