Tarot Lessons With Kat Wojdyla

Tarot cards photo by Viva Luna Studios, UnsplashAt 2pm-3pm GMT every Tuesday, this £3 weekly Tarot class is an opportunity to give and receive readings as well as build your confidence as a reader.

Energetic Meditation & Sound Healing in Sydney, Australia

Crystal healing energy bowls used for meditation and Reiki. Photo by Ashlynn Murphy, UnsplashAs host Kati Ackerman explains about the Energetic Meditation & Sound Healing class, “This is no ordinary monthly meditation, as each month will be slightly different and tailored to what I intuitively feel is required at that present time.”

Marian Keyes Workshops

Free Writing Classes With Marian Keyes “Wonderful, heartfelt advice” and “So calming and soothing” are just some of the comments from the students who tuned into Marian Keyes’ free writing classes on YouTube.

Pandemic Dream Meanings

Your Pandemic Dreams With Jane Teresa Anderson At a time when we are in survival mode, our dreams reflect that.

Learn Pro Comedy Writing on Zoom

Learn Comedy Writing on Your Time Zone How would you like to learn how to write comedy for television and radio (or comedy skills for stand-up) from one of the world’s most experienced teachers?

Karen Kingston’s Fast Clutter Clearing

woman sitting on white couch near windowIf you enter Karen Kingston’s special draw (see below) before 12 noon GMT on September 14 2021,  you can win an affordable pass (which is a fraction of the usual price – around the cost of lunch) to her Fast Track Clutter Clearing online course in October 2021.

Ruby Wax Announces Mindfulness Course

Ruby Wax OBE has announced she’s created a six-week mindfulness course, spread over six episodes, with an early-bird discount for those who register in September 2021: Mindfulness Guide for Survival “Think of me as your personal trainer as you work through my book” she suggests.